180 - 1966 Hurricane

Year(s) of production   1964 / 68
Number   001001 / 0036700
Production   35700

This vespa was an existing version of 180 SS models. It's the "Grimstead Hurricane". A different paint scheme from other versions of the 180 SS. The two colors were the "Vespa White" and the "Vauxhall cavern Green". 180 SS model was the last vespa designed with a Piston-ported type motor. Rally models will replaced the 180 SS after that.

It was in 1964 that the 180 SS will be designed.
On the evolution of the motorisation, 180 SS will replaced the older
GS model. The look will be also modified for the first time with this model. Improvements included a trapezoidal headlight. The drawing will be more square after this date and for every models to come. This new look is still controversial for today. 180 SS will also be the first vespa after the GS, fitted with a spare wheel and a glove box as standard features. Unfortunately, it was also the last model to have been fitted with this special kind of fork and motor design.
Last versions of the 180 SS were produced with a rond headlight and a speedometer cluster from "
Rally" models.