160 - 1962 (MKII)

During the first month of 1962, the GS model made its apparition. The 150 cc model was reputed for its confort for 2 persons, its power and its good acceleration, so the new "Gran Sport" 160 model was an improvement with its 160cc motor. The spare wheel was now a standard feature on the GS160. The spare wheel was located inside the left side panel. The second production serie, who made its apparition the year after, was made with same caracteristics but the glove box was relocated from the rear end of the scooter to inside of the legshield.

Take note that the 150 and 160 GS models were never produced in France by ACMA. 150 GS models were introduced only after 1960. However, 160 models were imported in France from 1962