in France:
I think it's a GT Vespa 50 ACMA GS 160
badged has a GS, but it's a GT. a Vespa 50 in Paris. a green Acma. Bernard's GS 160 1962.

PX 125
Stephane's PX 125 from 1996

in Lyon (France):
Vespa 125 N Primavera PX125E
a Vespa 125 N. a Vespa 125 Primavera. a Vespa PX125E.

in St Estève (France):
GP 200 - right side
Fabrice's Lambrettas (member of the Vulcan): his GP 200
Lambretta Chopper - right side
and "Wild Thing", a Lambretta chopper.

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