Vespa 150 A.C.M.A. T.A.P. (Troupes Aéro Portées) - 1959

This model was not commun but it was really built like this by ACMA factories in France.
It was fitted with a short manual transmission, a bigger piston but always in 150 cc (like civilian version) and a hole on the legshield to support a gun. It was possible to use this gun when the scooter was running. (but not without some shock!).
Theses military vespas were used by French army during Algerian and Indochine conflicts. They were dropped by parachute, that's why they were fitted with tubular bumpers for a protection when they touched the ground.
From the opinion of a few solders, the drivers were more often beside it to push it than to drive it... We think that only 800 of those were made. they are very appreciated by collectors.
There's 2 versions of this model, TAP 56 and 59, depending of the year of production.