poster2nd Annual Custom Show in Chaville (Fr) 11/2/97

* Lambretta Celebration *

Wild Thing
Fabrice's lambretta chopper "Wild Thing"

TS1 - SX
Many Lambrettas were there for the 50 years, like this TS1 & SX.

Betty Blue
This Betty Blue Lambretta came all the way from Scotland.

Sting's "GS"
Quadrophenia's Vespa (a Rally 200 and not a GS!)

Vespa 1962 et 1954
Some people from Belgium (they are everywhere!!!), GS 160 from 1962 & a Vespa from 1954

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If you're one of the owners of these scooters, write me so I'll add more info (years, model...) and to make contact !